The story

began in one of the most famous nightclubs in Europe.

RoyalBox Story

As people who visit clubs and discotheques all around the world we could witness many hygienic faults in toilets. Once while we were waiting to use the bathroom five people left the toilet and the following four entered. We were shocked by the mere thought of wasted time, many bacteria, and lack of discretion surrounding this situation, which led us to think about creating a product that would eliminate these problems.

The Royal Box is a perfect solution for hygiene problems. Its compact dimensions can fit in any wallet or pocket and on top of that it is very easy to use. Along with its practical features the style also played an important role. For this reason the Royal Box is made from high quality materials and comes in a very innovative design.

This experience has resulted in a product that offers you a fast solution and can be identified with the slogan:





Royal Box provides discreet use and thus reduces the awareness of other, especially younger people, who observe the behaviour of older people in public toilets and are inclined to imitate the same behaviour.


By using the Royal Box, you can avoid the eternal search for a suitable place and elegantly, quickly and securely perform the act around the first corner without any worries and “gazes”.


The Royal Box allows you to take care of your personal hygiene, since all diseases are 100% transmitted through the nasal mucosa. It also allows you to avoid bacteria and viruses from dirty surfaces such as public toilets, money, and many other.