Faberge snuff box

A Fabergé silver-gilt and enamel vesta case, workmaster Anna Ringe, St Petersburg, 1904-1908

The story of snuff tobacco began early in the 17th century. One of the famous artists was  Peter Carl Fabergé , who in his time made many tobacco boxes, which were intended primarily for prestigious gifts in the area of England and Russia.



Royal Box provides discreet use and thus reduces the awareness of other, especially younger people, who observe the behaviour of older people and are inclined to imitate the same behaviour.


By using the Royal Box, you can avoid the eternal search for a suitable place or using the upper side of your palm.


The Royal Box allows you to take care of your personal hygiene, since all diseases are 100% transmitted through the nasal mucosa. It also allows you to avoid bacteria and viruses from dirty surfaces such as public toilets, money, and many other.